Scott Krygier Joins Moarbes' Life Sciences Practice

August 15, 2018

Washington, D.C.

Scott Krygier Esq. recently joined Moarbes as Of Counsel of the Life Sciences Practice. 

Dr. Krygier’s expertise is counseling pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology clients for over the past decade on issues related to compliance with the laws and regulations administered by FDA, USDA, and EPA.

Moarbes LLP Acquires the First Edition of the French Civil Code (1804)

May 2, 2014
Beirut, Lebanon.


Moarbes LLP acquired on April 4, 2013 the first edition of the French Civil Code (Code Civil des Français, édition originale et seule officielle, Paris, 1804). It is the first official publication of the French Civil Code which was produced under   the direction of Emperor Napoleon. Moarbes LLP is hence the only Law firm in the Middle East which possess this rare edition of the French Civil Code.  Promulgated as the Civil Code of the French (code civil des Français), it was renamed the  Napoleonic Code (code Napoléon) in 1807.



Geoff Mason joins Moarbes as head of the Intellectual Property Practice

18 June, 2013
Washington, D.C., USA

Geoffrey Mason, Esq. joins Moarbes LLP as head of the Intellectual Property Practice. Mr. Mason has over a dozen years’ experience managing and trying biotechnology and pharmaceutical patent cases, and managing large teams and vendors programming and developing pharmaceutical client-facing litigation databases.