At Moarbes LLP diversity is our primary philosophy and policy. We believe that diversity in backgrounds, education, experience, and values enhances the quality of our work and creates a positive working environment. Diversity is also the most effective way of conducting business in today’s global community.  It fosters a creative problem-solving environment and allows us to meet the full spectrum of our clients’ needs, especially as the firm is entering new markets, such as Washington, D.C. and Paris.

Our commitment to diversity includes:

  • Fostering a firm culture that supports and promotes diversity at all hiring levels.
  • Employing effective methods of recruitment of individuals from various backgrounds.
  • Facilitating diversity in all aspects of our operation.
  • Promoting diversity in the global legal community.
  • Collaborating with clients, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions to encourage diversity awareness.
  • Committing our time and resources to accomplish all these objectives.

In short, we believe that our strength lies in our differences. By promoting diversity, we are stronger allies to our clients and our communities. We take proactive steps to promote inclusiveness, not only within the firm, but within the legal profession as a whole.