Geoffrey Mason

Geoffrey Mason is the senior U.S. Partner of Moarbes and the head of its IP, FinTech and Life Sciences Practices.  He has over a dozen years experience managing and trying computer hardware, software and pharmaceutical patent cases and developing patent prosecution and enforcement strategies. His experience includes litigating patents relating to WiFi and internet infrastructure technologies, as well as representing brand and generic companies in Hatch-Waxman litigations relating to many blockbuster drugs, including Prozac®, Lovenox®, Augmentin®, Concerta®, Strattera® and Cymbalta®. He has also developed patent prosecution and enforcement strategies for well known products like Risperdal-Consta® as well as for early stage technology companies still developing their products.

Mr. Mason acts as general counsel to medical device, pharmaceutical, cryptocurrency, manufacturing, social networking, and other technology companies, with an emphasis on patent and intellectual property strategy and litigation. He assists life sciences companies specifically with patent strategy and litigation as well as FDA strategy and compliance.

Mr. Mason helps FinTech companies comply with securities, money transmission, AML, KYC and corporate laws in both the initial coin offering (ICO) and general cryptocurrency and FinTech settings.




Eli Lilly v. Wockhardt et al.: Defended Wockhardt against two Lilly patents covering duloxetine (Cymbalta®), a $5 billion drug in the United States alone. Developed defenses that convinced Wockhardt to litigate solo against Eli Lilly after all remaining defendants ceased to actively litigate.

Johnson and Johnson v. Andrx: Asserted two patents against defendant seeking to make generic Concerta®. Convinced opposing counsel to drop sole enforceability defense immediately following successful cross-examination of key expert relating to defense; for most of the case, acted as sole attorney working with the majority of J&J's technical experts.

Aventis v. Teva et al.: Asserted patent against defendants seeking to make generic Lovenox®. Drafted motion for trial date shift that resulted in saving Aventis as much as $200 million; headed all discovery efforts at issue in said motion

Igen (later Bioveris) v. Roche et al.: Asserted five patents against Roche relating to its use of ECL. Acted as most senior full time attorney; case settled successfully for $1.4 billion.

GSK v. Teva et al.: Asserted seven patents against defendants seeking to make generic Augmentin®. Acted as primary drafter of GSK's Trial Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law.

Connaught v. GSK: Defended GSK against patent infringement claim by Connaught relating to GSK's DPT vaccine. As co-attorney, prevailed in professional mock jury trial against leading patent attorney Donald Dunner.

Georgetown University Law Center (J.D.,1997)
Harvard University (B.A. 1994)